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Dar Tabligh

About us

The Tabligh Board

is the section of the Khoja Shia Jamaat of Dar es Salaam, which caters for the spiritual needs of the community at large, including the children, youths, and elders.

The Board is responsible for a number of activities in the community, including the Husayni Madrasah, Madrasatul Sadiq (Quran madrasah), Madrasatul Zahra (MAZ), Aalim Management, Babul-Ilm Library, and the Summer Hawza for Youths among others.

Husayni Madrasah (HM)

Husayni Madrasah has a total of 1,200 students in both the Boys and Girls Sections. The students are taught a wide range of topics, including Fiqh, Islamic History and Ahklaq, among others. There are a total of 110 teachers and 15 support staff.

The Madrasah also organises for regular Teacher Training Programs, to ensure that the teachers are able to give maximum benefit to the students.

Madrasatul Zahra (MAZ)

Madrasatul Zahra plays a vital role in providing Higher Islamic Education to the women of our community. There are over 100 students in both full time and modular studies, supported by 12 teachers. MAZ also works with Husayni Madrasah to ensure that the teachers are providing the right type of information to students. It is also involved in the organisation of the ‘Youth Higher Islamic Classes’ usually held over the school holidays.

Madrasatul Sadiq (Quran Madarasah)

Madrasatul Sadiq was formed at the beginning of last year to provide a separate Quran-dedicated madrasah that will assist in improving the recitation and hifdh of our children. There are 7 Quran teachers who are available from 2pm to 5pm- 4 times a week. These services are provided free of charge to all students.

Other activities

The Board is also involved in various other activities, including the organisation of youth summer camps, sales and distribution of Islamic calendars in both English and Kiswahili, a dedicated website where people can listen to lectures by our resident and guest aalims.